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2020 CF Charities Scholarships

Application Opens January 2, 2020:
Closes May 1, 2020


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The Promise Scholars program is a leadership and scholarship initiative of CF Charities, which for years, support students who want to pursue post-secondary opportunities upon high school graduation. These students also demonstrate leadership qualities inside the classroom and/or throughout the community. The overall goal of the Promise Scholars program is to build character and leadership, support a passion for achieving, and reflect the value of community service.

All scholarship applicants must be in good academic standing in accordance with their school’s interpretation of such expectation. Essay entries must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font size, in Times New Roman. Complete submissions should include: a cover page specifying the applicant’s full name,school, title of essay, email address, date and phone number. Essays should be saved as a PDF-file and uploaded by clicking the upload button, After Thursday January 2nd, 2020 and before Thursday, May 1, 2020 by 5pm.

Essays are judged on original content that aligns with the subject, grammar, punctuation, citation of specific sources and creativity. Winners are required to attend the special Awards & Check Presentation Reception on Friday, May 22, 2020 Location to be determined.

The Fueling Bright Futures Scholarship provides individual scholarships to eligible high school seniors. The scholarship award can be used to cover tuition expenses and related supplemental educational expenses such as books, lab fees, and dues.

Award: $500-$5,000
Eligibility Requirements: For graduating seniors. Submit a 500-750 word essay on “What Fuels My Future?” As you near graduation day and look at your high school career closely, what experiences, mentors, or lessons have “fueled” or “motivated” you to excel and succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, discuss what will be the source of fuel that will inspire you to achieve your goals in the future.

Dr. Walter Cohen was a founding board member of CF Charities and had a worldwide impact on the field of dentistry and education. His legacy reflects the themes of being compassionate, persistent, and passionate. CF Charities remembers Dr. Cohen through this student leadership scholarship award.

Award: $500-$1,000
Eligibility Requirements: For graduating seniors only. Submit a 500-750 word essay on “What does it mean to be a leader amongst your peers and how setting a positive example can impact a school, a community, a generation.”

The Alex Nordquist Education Award benefits Promise Scholar students who plan to continue their education by pursuing post-secondary opportunities. Students reflect the tenacity and courage Alex reflected in overcoming barriers, obstacles and helping others.

Award: $1,000
Eligibility Requirements: For graduating seniors only. Submit a 500-750 word essay on “Lessons learned from overcoming challenges and obstacles leading to graduation, and how those lessons will fuel your future achievement.”

All scholarships awarded to program participants of CFCharities should be used to support a student’s pursuit of higher education and/or post-secondary opportunity. Scholarships are used by the students to help pay for: tuition, books and school supplies, dorm supplies, and related expenses not covered by other financial sources. The exact allocation of the award reflects the pre-approved parameters set by the Board of Directors.

To receive awards, recipients must submit the following documentation prior to disbursement: Proof of school enrollment (current semester schedule, acceptance letter, financial aid etc.).

Scholarship disbursements are made twice annually – in the fall and Spring Semesters of each year. At the start of the semester, all disbursements are sent directly to the educational institution, unless otherwise noted.

CF Charities acknowledges that some educational grants awarded to program participants are merit-based, pass-through funding, or restricted for a particular reason. When necessary, such cases will be managed on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director.

Finally, regarding displacement, all CF Charities scholarships are granted to provide the students with “benefits” that place them in better positions than if they had not received the awards. It is intended that the students, not the institution, benefit from the scholarship award. Therefore, all awards will be giving once all other aid has been applied to the student’s account and financial aid package.

The mission of CF Charities is to empower the lives of youth by equipping them with the resources, education and experiences essential for post-secondary readiness and successful entry in the STEM profession. Today, the vision is to equip the next-generation of student-leaders who graduate, pursue a career in Health Care and/or STEM, and bring back positive care and services to communities in need across the country.

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