2018 CF Charities Program Descriptions:

Generation NeXT

The truest vision of connecting youth to active-learning and special projects that promote career-pathways in STEM. Generation NeXT gives youth the opportunity to experience science-related programming up close, while receiving insight from mentors and practitioners in science and health industries. The ultimate goal is to give youth educational experiences in five modules: Medical-Related Technology, Engineering Design, Biomedical Research, Robotics, and improving digital literacy, through coding.

Reasons to Smile

CF Charities’ platform that offers access to care and education to parent and students from under resourced communities and schools

Promise Scholars

Promise Scholars is a support initiative for youth seeking to take full advantage of the opportunities and resources that promote high school graduation, college access, and career exploration. The overall goal of the program is to enhance character and leadership skills, support a passion for achieving, and reflect the value of service toward others. Scholars are eligible for scholarships, internships and special enrichment opportunities based on grades, attendance, and positive behavior.

Kelli’s Angels 

This program inspires young ladies with life-changing experiences and enrichment programs that feature mentorship, character and leadership development, and support – all in an emotionally safe space where the ladies of CF Charities can find a sense of sisterhood, encouragement, and achievement.

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